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Special Workshops with Chelsea Eng & partners

Chelsea Eng & Conrad McGreal

Photo: Shell Jiang

Teaching Collaborators (partial list)

co-taught in SF with Felipe Martínez, Conrad McGreal, Gary Weinberg, Alex Spencer from New York City

co-taught with Zack Bernstein

for Northern California Dance Collective

"The Blurred Line Between Lead & Follow - An Argentine Tango & Contact Improvisation Workshop"

Zack Bernstein & Chelsea Eng

co-taught & performed in SF with Luis Carpi 

Luis Carpi & Chelsea Eng

co-taught & performed in Seattle with Eli Leserowitz

from New York City

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. Students really loved what they've learned. The class was very useful for the real life tango...You are very good teachers! I'm looking forward to having you back again."

~ Jenny Mulligan of, host of Tacoma,WA workshop taught by Chelsea Eng & Eli Leserowitz

B & W photo of Chelsea: Milan Melet

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