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Donate Dance Shoes = ON PAUSE

CHELSEA'S SHOE CLOSET AT CCSF - 5 years & counting

I have a very diverse group of tango students at City College of San Francisco. For some of them, purchasing dance shoes represents a financial stretch. They struggle to pivot in street shoes. In the Summer of 2014 I began keeping a Shoe Closet at school, thanks to donations from friends and colleagues. I give these dance shoes away, free of charge, to tango students who express a need. 


If you have new or gently pre-owned dance shoes (women's & men's - all sizes - especially soft practice shoes such as Capezio Pedinis/Style 321, Bloch Grecians, ballet slippers, jazz split-sole oxfords, dance sneakers, and soft-soled character shoes like La Duca's -- &/or low to medium-heeled tango formal shoes) to donate, I would gratefully receive them for the Shoe Closet.

Please email: 

Soft practice shoes for Adults (Pedinis, jazz shoes, dance sneakers) needed:

Women's, Men's, Unisex: All sizes from Adult 4 to 11+

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