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City College of SF (CCSF) Classes with Chelsea Eng
For Spring 2019 this means: register & enroll well prior to Dec 31, 2018
CCSF Administration has recently begun cutting classes 2 weeks PRIOR TO THE START of each semester IF the class roster holds fewer than 20 credit-registered students. In the interest of preserving CCSF classes and programs (which equates to accessibility of education for students) - please register early, then enroll in courses well BEFORE the '2 weeks prior to the start' mark.

New to CCSF?
You must first apply to the college so you are 'in the computer system' and ready to register for courses when enrollment opens for the new semester. There is a 48-72 hour turnaround, so act now! (This is true even if you already have a college degree and 'don't care' about taking a course for a grade.) Once registered you can then enroll in specific courses.

Fall Semester    
starts mid-August, runs through mid-December
Spring Semester
starts mid-January, runs through mid-May
Spring Semester 2019 starts Monday, January 14th

Schedule based on previous semesters (confirm online at ccsf.edu):
12:10-2:00pm - DANC 160A Beginning Argentine Tango (Day section)
A lovely opportunity to dance tango during the day in a beautiful space
6:10-8:00pm - DANC 160A Beginning Argentine Tango (Night section)
8:10-10:00pm - DANC 160B Intermediate Argentine Tango
6:10-8:00pm - DANC 161 Follower's Technique for Argentine Tango
Follower's Technique is a multi-level class. All genders welcome.
8:10-10:00pm - DANC 160C Advanced Argentine Tango/linked to DANC 101A Dance Performance Production or 102A Dance Repertory

Semester-length credit courses (Spring & Fall) through PE & Dance. Courses may be taken on a Credit basis for a Letter Grade OR Pass/No Pass. 
No Auditing, per college regulations.
For classes that list as full per pre-registration, adds will still be taken (space permitting & at the instructor's discretion) through the Add deadline. 

Spring Milonga with a Valentine's Theme = a Saturday in February
Spring 2019 = Saturday night, February 9th
Fall Milonga with a Fall Harvest Theme = a Saturday in September

CCSF Milonga details always posted on TangoMango.org
Ocean campus/Wellness Center/3rd Floor Performance Studio
Please use Ocean Avenue entrance to the building
Studio doors will open at 6:55pm
7pm Intro Lesson for absolute beginners, 8-10:30pm Tango Party
Sliding scale $5-10 cash at the door to benefit CCSF Dance

Mission Statement 
Founded/created (in 2000) & headed by Chelsea Eng,
The Argentine Tango Program at City College of San Francisco
invites students to experience the joy and depth of Argentine Tango as a living art form. To that end, the Program offers progressive course levels, prácticas, milongas and performance opportunities. It aims to deliver high quality instruction in a safe, supportive environment.
In 2007 the Dance Department at City College of San Francisco was awarded the prestigious Isadora Duncan (Izzy) Award for Sustained Achievement in recognition of its strong contribution to Dance in the Bay Area for 70 years.
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