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Chelsea Eng
Chelsea Eng is an Argentine Tango professional with over 20 years of experience in Dance: improvisation, choreography, direction, performance, filmmaking, curriculum development, teaching, and writing. She has made 24 trips to Argentina since 1994. She has performed 8 times (5 with CITA, the Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino, and 3 with Tanghetto) on the stage of the ND Teatro/Buenos Aires, and multiple times in famous Buenos Aires milongas (Confitería Ideal, Niño Bien, Salón Canning, La Viruta). She has performed and taught at the São Paulo Tango Festival 2019 and 2018 as one half of the only female pair, and the only pair representing the United States. She has taught and performed in cities across the U.S. (Portland, Las Vegas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Honolulu, San Diego, LA, NYC) and performed in major theaters of her home city of San Francisco. She participated in the 2019 International Tango Summit/Los Angeles as a performer, teacher, judge and monitor of the US National Argentine Tango Association (USNATA) competitions. She was selected to be on the 2018-19 Board of Jurors of the Premios Tango, based in Buenos Aires. Through tango she addresses the social justice issues of embracing diversity and countering gender and LGBTQ-based oppression. She has been doing pioneering work in Lead-Follow Exchange and the portrayal of women in tango performance since the early 2000s. In traditional Argentine tango, the partner roles are gender-bound: one male leader leads one female follower. Chelsea's work as an artist for social change is grounded in her extensive training in, longtime experience with, and deep respect for, traditional tango. For over 15 years she has sought to open minds within the tango community around gender equity and LGBTQ rights. She has used the language of tango to tell fresh stories, to showcase women partnering women in duets and groups, to share tango within the LGBTQ community worldwide, and to evolve the tango language itself by developing and cultivating ‘all-genders-welcome’ Lead-Follow Exchange. Since 2013 Chelsea has ventured into new, related avenues, collaborating with Rodney Bell, an award-winning diverse-ability dancer, with whom she received a CA$H Grant in Dance; and Ashley Hou, a New York City-based actor who identifies as trans. Together with Philip Kan Gotanda Chelsea co-directed Tango Body ~ A Love Story (Cuerpo Tanguero ~ Una Historia de Amor), a short film, which won Best Inspirational Film in the 2019 Top Shorts Film Festival and screened as a Finalist for Best U.S. Short Film at the 2019 Love International Film Festival/Los Angeles. Together with Max Masri she co-directed a short filmed in Manhattan - A Non Binary Story: Reencuentro, which screened at the 2019 Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival. Both shorts won Awards of Merit in the 2019 Accolade Global Film Competition (Disability Rights and LGBT categories, respectively) and will screen at the 10th Annual Awareness Film Festival (Films That Do More Than Entertain) at LA Live Regal Cinema/Los Angeles in October of 2019.


  • Co-Directed with Philip Kan Gotanda the short film Tango Body ~ A Love Story/Cuerpo Tanguero ~ Una Historia de Amor (Executive Producer Raymond L. Ocampo, Jr). Principal dancer-choreographer and actor with Rodney Bell in same. Winner - Best Inspirational Film in 2019 Top Shorts Film Festival. Finalist for Best U.S. Short Film at 2019 Love International Film Festival/Los Angeles. Soon to screen at 2019 Awareness Film Festival/Los Angeles. 
  • Co-Directed with Max Masri the short film A Non Binary Story: Reencuentro. Dancer-choreographer and actor in same. Screened as an Official Selection at Cinema Diverse/The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival and soon to screen at 2019 Awareness Film Festival/Los Angeles.
  • Dancer in 2010 feature film Playground of Dreams (Director Shireen Daryadel, Golden Gate Artists Films). Screened at Balboa Theater/San Francisco. Official Selection, New Filmmakers New York 2012.
  • Dancer in 2009 feature film California Tango (La Honda Films). Screened at Roxie Theatre/San Francisco
  • Featured Dancer & Interviewee on Latin Eyes/national television

  • Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA), Theater Shows 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015 at ND Teatro; Opening Night (2016) & Closing Night (2015) at Confitería Ideal; Opening Night (2019, 2018, 2017) at Abasto Hotel/Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  • with electrotango band Tanghetto in 2015, 2014 & 2012 Tanghetto shows (Artistic Director: Max Masri) at ND Teatro; 2016 at Salón Canning; 2018 & 2017 at La Viruta/Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; 2018 at Astoria Tango Club/New York City
  • São Paulo Tango Festival 2019 Theater Show at Sergio Cardoso Theater; Saturday Night milonga - performed to live music by Orquesta La Juan D'Arienzo/São Paulo, BRAZIL
  • São Paulo Tango Festival 2018 Theater Show at Teatro Gazeta; Friday Night & Closing Night milongas/São Paulo, BRAZIL
  • with Orquesta Victoria at Marines' Memorial Theater/San Francisco
  • Tango Addiction (Donna Sotiropoulos, Producer) mainstage show at Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts 
  • 2018 International Tango Summit/Los Angeles 
  • with Joe Powers, Trio Garufa, Seth Asarnow, Marcelo Puig, Tangonero & Claudio Ortega, Hugo Wainzinger, MonTango, and Tango No. 9
  • featured performer in Fashion Show by Buenos Aires-based fashion designer Viviana Laguzzi/Mimi Pinzon at USA Tango Championships 2015
  • Diálogos on theatre row/Hollywood, California
  • Co-founded (in January 2004) the all-woman collaborative dance company Tango Con*Fusión. Choreographer-dancer with TCF for almost 11 years 
         Highlights with Tango Con*Fusión:
- with electrotango band Tanghetto in 2011 at 
- theater Sala Zitarrosa/Montevideo, URUGUAY
- Salón Canning/Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
- Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA) 2010 & 2014 at Niño Bien/Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA *as the first all-female company to perform at this long-running event
- Lady's Tango Festival at theater La Usina Del Arte/Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
-Confitería Ideal/Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
- International Dance Festival/New York City
- GlamourTango (Artistic Director: Polly Ferman) at Logan Square Auditorium/Chicago
- Leading Ladies of Tango at Herbst Theatre/San Francisco
- WestWave Dance Festival at YBCA Novellus Theater/San Francisco

  • was one half of the first all-female pair and the first American pair, to teach (and to present Lead-Follow Exchange as a topic - in 2010, 2014 & 2015 - and to teach 2 levels of same in 2016 & 2017; 2018, 2019) at the Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA)/Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  • was one half of the first all-female pair and the first pair representing the United States, to teach 2 levels of Lead-Follow Exchange (and to present Lead-Follow Exchange as a topic) in 2018 at the 1st São Paulo Tango Festival; 3 classes of Lead-Follow Exchange in 2019 at the 2nd São Paulo Tango Festival/São Paulo, BRAZIL
  • the only solo female teacher to serve on the faculty of the 2018 International Tango Summit/Los Angeles; one half of the first all-female pair to teach Lead-Follow Exchange at same; teacher of signature lecture "Tango's Shifting Image" at ITS 2019
  • founder/creator (in 2000) of the popular Argentine Tango Program at City College of San Francisco; regularly teaches semester-length credit courses in Argentine Tango through CCSF's Izzy award-winning Dance Department: www.ccsf.edu
  • has substitute-taught Intermediate Ballet (full semester), Dance Conditioning and Yoga at City College of SF
  • delegate from City College of SF to the 2017 California Federation of Teachers statewide conference in Sacramento
  • since the mid-1990s - has taught at workshops & festivals in many U.S. cities {Portland (7 TangoFests), Las Vegas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Honolulu, San Diego, Los Angeles}, and at multiple international festivals in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

  • interviewed on radio station La 2 x 4 - program Tangos en la Madrugada/ -Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  • wrote and voiced the voiceovers for Trading Places, a DVD on lead-follow exchange released by Tango Con*Fusión in celebration of the company's 10-year anniversary
  • dance writing has been published in The Queer Tango Book: Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century; and in IN DANCE, San Francisco's long-running dance newsletter 
  • animal advocacy writing has been published in Best Friends Animal Society's Sanctuary Stories (online), House Rabbit Journal (print), and Small Pet Select (online)
  • training in voiceover & on-camera at Voice One/San Francisco

Recipient of a CA$H Grant in Dance (a grants program of Theatre Bay Area, in partnership with Dancers' Group) for a collaborative project with dancer-choreographer Rodney Bell

3-time recipient of a City College of SF Faculty Travel Grant to attend ATUSA (Argentine Tango USA Festival)

FM La Tribu radio station - 2nd place in tango competition/Buenos Aires
California Winter Festival - Supreme Dance Award, Theater Arts category

Master of Arts Curriculum Studies & Teacher Education - Dance Specialization
Stanford Graduate School of Education Stanford, CA, USA

Bachelor of Arts French, Dance Minor
Stanford University Stanford, CA, USA

Dance Scholarships awarded by audition/application as a student: 
Friends of Dance Summer Study Award/Stanford University
Stephens College Summer Dance/Columbia, MO  

Reiki practitioner with the Center of Living Light/New York City; 
Also trained through Reiki Center for Healing Arts/San Francisco  

CPR/AED/First Aid certified