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CITA 2018 Buenos Aires

March 11-17, 2018
Directed by Fabián Salas & Lola Díaz CITA 2018 is the International Tango Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Now in its 20th year, CITA is THE premiere tango festival on the worldwide circuit. 
Christy Coté & Chelsea Eng will co-teach and perform at CITA.

If you are interested in joining us for CITA 2018, email:

In order to join us in 2018, you must:
  • register for CITA through us (NOT online)
  • have e-mail access before & during CITA
  • if traveling/rooming as a pair, both sign up for the same option 

Christy & Chelsea's 19th Annual CITA Experience

Photo: Shell Jiang


1) For experienced Buenos Aires travelers who prefer no group affiliation
CITA Registration Only (through us)
for less than you would pay on your own 
This option does NOT include priority seating at the theater show.
$ 523 - CITA only (15 classes, 1 theater show, 3 milongas)
$ 468 - CITA only for returning CITA members

2) For first-time Buenos Aires Travelers &/or those seeking group resources, camaraderie and Christy & Chelsea's Buenos Aires expertise

CITA Registration (through us) + Enhancement
$ 823 - CITA plus Enhancement
$ 768 - CITA plus Enhancement for returning CITA members
  • CITA (15 classes, 1 theater show & 3 milongas + Priority Seating) 
  • Assistance with CITA Class Selection
  • Pre-Travel Consultation  (tips on air, lodging, etc.)
  • Pre-Travel Orientation Meeting in San Francisco - a Friday night in February 2018 (exact date tba)
(For those who do not reside in the Bay Area ~ Pre-Travel informational documents will be sent via e-mail & you will receive a follow-up phone call from us) 
  • Pre-Travel Packet with travel & shopping tips
  • Welcome Gathering/Meal in Buenos Aires (date TBA)
  • Emailed Bulletins in Buenos Aires offering suggestions for activities;  meeting times for taxi shares & dinners; Christy & Chelsea's Buenos Aires restaurant recommendations
Pricing above is current as of July 2017.
All pricing is subject to change. Full payment must be received at the time of registration.
Refund Policy:
The CITA portion of the package is subject to CITA's terms & conditions regarding refunds as follows:
Registration fee -20% if refund request is received by Dec. 15th., 2017 (Buenos Aires time).
Registration fee -50% if refund request is recived after Dec. 16th., 2017 and prior to Jan. 31st. 2018 (Buenos Aires time).
NO refunds requests will be accepted after Jan. 31st., 2018 (Buenos Aires time).

If you have also registered for the Enhancement package there will also be a handling fee of $35.

Our Purpose
We provide the most convenient and enjoyable way to experience Buenos Aires in conjunction with attending the International Tango Congress. Since CITA Enhancement participants will be arranging their own air and hotel, they will have maximum flexibility while benefitting from group networking and our exclusive perks. To the initiates, we will gladly offer tips and resources culled from our many trips to Argentina over the last 23 years.

CITA 2016 DVDs available for purchase.
Chelsea & Christy are among the performers.